Create your Future in Paris next week!

Yes. No. Maybe? Do you know what your future holds?

Last week I delivered a conference called “Create Your Future” for Sciencescom in Nantes, a school specialised in Communications and Marketing.

The conference was for an International audience of Masters students.

I decided on a theme of “Create Your Future” as many of the students are finishing their studies this year to work in the “real world”.

The Theme “Create Your Future” is an interesting one for students as it enables them to look at 4 key trends and push them into the future.

Firstly, they have to choose a company to work with, then they had to choose a trend. Here’s how it works:

First step. Brainstorm the trend 5 years into the future whilst thinking about the sector they are working for. What could they imagine?

Then, develop “headlines” for future newspaper lead articles based on the keywords of their brainstorming  and think about new products and services around these headlines.

Thirdly,  develop future user scenarios. How would people be behaving then… in the future, what would the future look like?

Finally, they had to develop some communications around a chosen new product or service.

Given that the students had one afternoon and the following morning to work on this project, they did extremely well.

There were some great ideas, truly futuristic. There were others afraid to present something too strange? New? Bizarre maybe?

If this theme interests you, your company or your students. I will be giving an introductory talk on the subject at the Greenlane Gallery in Paris next week.

You can find out more about that here:

Create your Future in Paris


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