2 new workshops coming up on 15 and 22 October in Nantes

Do you really know how to communicate YOU and what you DO!

“How to Develop a Brand Called YOU!” and “How to Communicate a Brand Called YOU!”

…As a small Business or a one-man band it is difficult to think of yourself as a brand. But you are! Based on techniques developed by The Branding Workshop London.
The full 2 day workshop is split into 2 days – the first “How to Develop a Brand Called You” helps you to evaluate and develop your unique brand proposition through all your communications by using your PVC (personality, values and culture).
The 2nd day “How To Communicate The Brand Called YOU!”  Allows you to explore more deeply the notion of branding yourself and how you can develop a strategy across all your communications using your own PVC (personality, values and culture.)
Cost 250 euros per person for the 2 days (or 125 euros per individual day).
Run by Sue Alouche of Créativité Consultants,
Please get in contact for more information or to reserve your place. sue.alouche@orange.fr
Places limited.



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