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ladies de nantes
The website was designed around its existing red and black identity. It offers a web site and blog, static and moving artworks, and a flexible way of navigating through a variety of information.


With over 30 years’ experience in the Design Industry. Créativité is ready to help you with your new brand and communications strategy. To see some of the work we have already carried out, take a look here.

Our credentials are below, having worked for global brands, SMEs, Micro enterprises and Entrepreneurs, we can help at any level.

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New Corporate Identity Strategy.

“If you’re looking to push your boundaries in terms of creativity or branding look no further – Sue is your lady! A real pleasure to work with: naturally putting you at your ease whilst helping you think out of the box. I look forward to working with Sue again in the future.”

Victoria Caldy
Marketing & Business Development Director  at BIOMEDICAL TISSUES

We have many creative tools that can help you make sense of your existing branding strategy or indeed, a new one, if you intend to develop a new project or inject life into your existing brand. These tools can help you position or re-position your brand in the marketplace, use the right messaging to communicate your brand’s uniqueness, and to create your own unique brand stories using a new tool developed by Créativité, the Story Pack. But first of all we will need to sit down together and define your brief, and where you see your company in 5 years time. This is the launchpad to your new brand vision.

I worked with Budgens UK on the Brand Strategy for their Neighbourhood stores and supermarkets over a period of 3 years. Working on new  branding concepts for B2, branding for dedicated areas in-store and brand experience in areas such as bakery, fresh foods and flowers.

Current Clients in Europe:              Anglocom (France)
Blue Ring (via Ubik) France
Chap’ti Atelier Editorial (France)
Claudia N Couture (Norway)
Groupe Chessé, (France)
Ladies de Nantes (France)
Nantes Just Imagine (France)
Philips (Netherlands)
So N’Ice (France)
Terra 21 (France)

English version of brochure developed for Eiffage carried out with the help of Anglocom on proof reading.