Creativity Workshops

Brainstorming Exercise The 30 Circles, a good way to open up a subject.

Creativité Consultants have a wide portfolio of seminars and workshops in France and in the UK specialising in creativity, innovation, branding and product development targeted at SMEs., Universities and Business Schools.

Creativity Workshop on Brand Stretching for the skate/street brand Supreme.

We teach and deliver workshops and seminars to some of the Grande Ecoles and Business Schools in France such as Audencia, l’école de Design Nantes Atlantique, ESC Rennes and Sciencescom; and have many years of experience of working in the top universities in the UK (Central St Martins College of Art, London College of Printing.)

Brand Rituals 2 hour Workshop for ISEG Marketing and Communication school. Change the rituals for toothpaste.

Our themes touch on current or future trends, the aging population, new markets, new ways of viewing the world; customer behaviour, new product or service development and brand management and development. We also hold brainstorming workshops giving a wide range of creative techniques to make your students or your working teams more creative.

If you would like a tailor-made course, workshop or seminar to meet your objectives we can personalise our workshops or seminars to meet the needs of your working environment. Our Creative seminars and workshops can span 2 hours to 4 days… the choice is yours!

You can find many examples of creative exercises undertaken in our workshops by following this link

Please get in touch for more details of our wide variety of seminar or workshop themes available or to discuss Ice-Breaking sessions or your personal business needs. Email or telephone 0667452888

And if you need reassuring, we often find notes like this at the end of our workshops 🙂


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