Branding Workshops

Brand Extension workshop with David Balkwill, L’école de Design and the  Dutch school of Engineering and Design in Windesheim.

Brand Aid, the Band Aid for your business – sticking it all together.

Having worked in both very large and very small design agencies in the UK on Brand strategy and communications for many years, I am now a Professor based in France, and I run my own workshops, courses and seminars in Design and Business Schools and in companies or associations.
I jointly head up the Brand Design and Retail Interior Design courses at L’école de Design Nantes Atlantique for International Classes and I am also a Professor on the Brand Design and Food Masters Course. At Rennes Business School I Coordinate and teach Corporate Design in the Luxury Industry and UX design in the cultural sector courses.

I run tailor-made seminars and courses on luxury storytelling and branding, design strategy and innovation and design thinking and UX (user experience).

I love what I do. Do you?

I learn as much from my students as they learn from me, They are open-minded, dynamic, young and full of energy, and I have many years of experience to pass onto them as well as a great tool box of creative and strategic ideas.

My branding workshops cover many themes:

luxuryLuxury Storytelling, the Multi-channel ONO brand experience. Looking at on-line and off-line channels of communication to create unique luxury brand stories. .Find out more about these workshops here.`

Personal Branding – The Brand Called You! Find out more about these workshops here…

City and territorial branding. Find out more about this workshop here…

Audio Branding and Audio Visual Branding – can your brand be without music or sound? Find out more here…

Audio Branding Workshop with Graphic and Scenography Designers.

Brand Identity and packaging design – the images below are the work of business school students who took my course in Corporate Design in the Luxury Industry, the students are studying the MSc in International Luxury and Brand Management at Rennes School of Business.  Please see our other post on Packaging Design.

The work of Business School students on luxury pack design at Rennes School of Business as part of the Corporate Design in the Luxury Industry Course.

Brand Storytelling using exercises from Joseph Campbell’s epic book The Hero’s Journey.

Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey – steps to excellent brand storytelling.

Brand Stretching or Brand Extensions.

A few years ago, David Balkwill and I (both British) ran an International Workshop at Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, joined by Anne van der Graaf and Jeroen van Tongeren from the Dutch school of Engineering and Design in Windesheim for a workshop on Brand Extensions.

I had prepared a brief for the week, asking the students to imagine new brand extensions for 4 French brands and to develop ideas for innovative packaging in a new field for one of them. Find out more about this workshop here

This is a recurrent themes as brands are now stretching further and further into unmarked territories.

Please get in touch if you would like me to run a workshop for you for 2020/2021, my diary is already getting booked.

Contact Sue Alouche on 0667452888 or email for more information.

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