Minimalist Sound Seminar.

Last semester, at L’ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, I gave a morning seminar to 2nd year Graphic Design Students on sound design. Starting with a presentation, outlining the important aspects to consider in sound design, the students then had to listen to 2 pieces of music, one from Steve Reich and one from Philip Glass. They then had to split into groups and decide on one piece to work with. First step – listening more to the music and visualise their sense of the piece with images and words.

I then asked each group of students to create a short 6 word story with associated images to act as the basis for a concert promotion for their chosen composer.

An interesting morning. The students did really well, and went on to work on a project for le Lieu Unique’s Festival VARIATIONS – which took place in Nantes earlier this year and featured some of the work of Steve Reich.

Want to know more about Sound Design? Read my article for Branding Mag. I run one and two day workshops on Sound Design and Sensory Design.

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