Yoppie. Have happier periods!

“Your menstruation – Her education”.

Just came across this new company who are offering you peace of mind when you have your period. Peace of mind, as their tampons are made of organic cotton and are delivered to your door at your ‘time of the month’.

There’s been a lot of negative press about tampons of late, like…

“independent studies by women’s health organizations have found chemicals of concern like dioxin, carcinogens and reproductive toxins present in tampons and pads.” The Guardian, April 2017 

So, by choosing organic cotton you remove the risk of harming your body and the environment.

Peace of mind, because, when you subscribe to Yoppie. Yoppie gives a month’s supply of sanitary pads, underwear, and reproductive health education, to a girl in need. So you’ll feel happier when you have your period 🙂 

So say Yippee to Yoppie!

Yoppie. Your Menstruation. He Education. Image courtesy of notsoquietgrrl.com

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