With Freda’s A.I. you’ll never run out of tampons.

Freda_AI_subscription_women_tampons_SpringwiseThere’s been a lot of interest in women’s periods of late, Apps that help us to predict when they are coming, Always has its own period calculator, as does Tampon. Yoppie gives us happier periods and there are a plethora of Apps around this subject too. But Freda is a little more intelligent, The company uses an algorithm to collect data about each user’s cycle and learn how they change over time. It then uses the collected data to sync the delivery of products, ensuring subscribers receive them just before each period starts. Freda is also eco-friendly. Their tampons are made of 100 percent certified organic cotton, free from chemicals and synthetic fibres, and their pads are made using sustainable wood pulp.

The other nice thing about Freda is it’s ethical side. Freda founder Affi Parvizi-Wayne was inspired to start the company after watching news of refugees trapped at border crossings while trying to reach Europe, and wondering how the women dealt with their periods. With every subscription, Freda will pay for a supply to be produced by KiliPads, a women-run social enterprise in Tanzania. The pads, which are reusable, will then be handed out in local schools.FredaFounder-300x300

And 5 days ago Affi Parvizi-Wayne was speaking at Feminist Wednesday about this issue which she is now being called ‘Period Poverty’. It’s not just a difficulty for refugees. As you can see from these statistics, there are many women marginalised from buying pads or tampons. It’s great that this issue is rising in importance. The Homeless Period Project have been working around this issue for a while in the USA with the homeless.

“Did you know that feminine products are the least donated products to homeless shelters? Did you know that many girls in our schools do not have access to these necessities? For many women the implications of living without these necessary supplies are serious… it’s the difference between attending school or work, between peace of mind and humiliation or between infection and health.” The Homeless Period Project.

If you want to donate to either of these projects here is the info…  http://myfreda.com/donations/ and https://homelessperiodproject.org/donations/




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