2 hour Branding Ritual Workshops


I recently facilitated a 2 hour Brand Ritual workshop at a Communication School in Nantes. I started with a general presentation giving the students some other benchmarks, then I gave the some branded packed products which they had to use as a base for creating some unusual rituals either with the product or its’ packaging or both. Some of the results were interesting. Here’s a couple of them:

Vadamecum Fluoride and Fresh Mint Toothpaste isn’t just for teeth, the nightly ritual changes to cleaning ‘n’ zapping (those spots!) So to zap the spots with toothpaste (known for helping with acne), the students introduced a little zapper pad inside the toothpaste tube so that you can brush your teeth at night and then zap.

How to ‘Always’ be more positive about your period… this was the goal of this group’s work which was an interesting project due to their psychological approach. Each packaged pad wrapper offers either granny’s advice, or positive or fun messaging to brighten your day and the pack design shows you that your period is nearing its end by seeing the pads diminishing through the see-through section on the side.



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