McDonalds goes into a Mcflurry!

Photo courtesy of Simon Cohen/Digital Trends
McDonalds’ Mcflurry was 22 at the end of July and to celebrate its birthday it developed the Mcdonald’s boombox. (created in collaboration with the university of waterloo’s audio research group and stacklab), this portable speaker is made by transforming the cups and packaging – looks a bit messy but seemingly it works… and after all they are trying to attract Gen Z, who Lurve music!

The Mcdonald’s boombox works as an amp, increasing the sound emitted from your phone’s speakers once you insert it into the cardboard box. The launch was accompanied by a promotional video that promises to amplify the sound coming from the smartphone by 101 percent thanks to its 10-sided cone design. To find out more take a look at this video…


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