Straight from the heart…

new heart_mlWhy a heart? We chose a heart for our logo as it encapsulates everything about us and the way we like to do things.

As our slogan says, creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Why do something the same way every-time, when you can use a more creative approach and achieve better results?

We love what we do and it’s our true passion to work with companies and the different types of  people working within them and to work creatively together. We love seeking out new trends, new behaviours, new ways of working, we enjoy seeing brands doing interesting things and are specialists also in future thinking.

Why the flowers? We love working fresh, young start-ups which need feeding, nurturing, SMEs want to grow their businesses and flower over time, and larger companies need a more creative approach to nurturing their relationships with their customers and see them blossom.

We look after our plants with the utmost care, whether they are seedlings, small plants or mature trees.

We want you to fall in love with our brand, so we offer exceptional customer service, attention to the little things, new ways of looking at your problems or opportunities and a very personal approach to doing business.

To find out more drop us a line. To find out more about our workshops, take a look here.

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