In the Bubble AND Wouldn’t it be Great if.


I am just preparing a new Introduction to Design Thinking course around the subject of “How to Feed The World” for a first year Bachelor Programme in Nantes. The theme of the course will cover the environmental issues related to the food we grow and eat, food waste, healthy eating, diet choices, new ways of eating – packaging, retail, pop-ups, street food and new things to eat. As a professor on the New Eating Habits Master Programme at l’Ecole de Design, Nantes Atlantique, I wanted to combine Design Thinking with the issues we deal with around food on the Masters Course.

For the course Bibliography, I went back through all the books I appreciated around this subject and came across some gems, like these from John Thakara. I also found out that 2 of them are now available on the internet on pdf free of charge.

John Thakara’s excellent book – In The Bubble. Designing in a Complex World is still one of my favourite reads about design and is still as relevant today as when it was originally written. It’s now available FREE on the internet on pdf.

“We’re filling up the world with technology and devices, but we’ve lost sight of an important question: What is this stuff for? What value does it add to our lives?”

Not only that, but this one is too.


… We could live sustainably, by design?

And this book, which I haven’t read yet, but must…


“Each chapter is about creative ways to tackle timeless needs that matter: restoring the land, sharing water, making homes, growing food, designing clothes, journeying, and caring for each other. I write of soil restorers and river keepers; seed savers and de-pavers; cloud commuters and e-bike couriers; care farmers; food system curators; fibershed stewards; money designers and more – from Bali to Brazil, as well as Delhi, London, and California.” John Thakara.

I hope you enjoy them. Drop me a line and tell me what you think.






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