Crowd-sourced Creativity

I like this creative exercise… it opens up visual brainstorming, word and visual association, no self-judgement, because it’s fast, and it adds a professional context due to working on a real brief from a crowd-sourcing site… and who knows you might win… then you can reinvent yourself and become a logo designer 😉 easy as that!

If you like this exercise too… there are 3 other exercises also shown on this article which are also interesting…

Logo Design

Logo design is one of those areas of the design industry that becomes a fundamental part of your learning experience. By creating your client’s identity, you are making a significant impact on their future marketing and promotional strategies. Therefore, it’s important that you are fully aware of your creativity’s influence upon your client.

Preparation & Exercise

Visit a popular crowdsourcing site for logo design. Don’t worry, you won’t be supporting spec work. It is, however, beneficial to practice with exercises that simulate actual client situations. Choose a logo design inquiry at random or briefly scan the list to find one you like. These sites often supply information on the client’s company background, industry, logo desires, and expectations.

Once you’ve decided on the design inquiry of your choice and read the appropriate information, briefly take notes for reference. Now that you have a basic understanding of your faux client’s expectations, you can begin the exercise.

Create as many logo concepts as you can in the allotted twenty-minute time frame based on the client’s needs. Roughly sketch all the ideas that are first coming to mind in relation to the original design inquiry. Keep in mind that you are developing a professional identity for your client, however, allow yourself to embrace the creativity that’s naturally coming to you.

This exercise from

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