How much do your customers LOVE your brand?

Love Curve By Beloved Brands

I have been thinking about this question since seeing this Love Curve developed by Beloved Brands.

On the one hand it makes sense, perhaps for older customers like myself who have a real loyalty to brands due to the way I use them, the way they speak to me, their strong values, their packaging, their unique personality, their great service… but I am wondering how relevant it is for the Millenials? Generation Z? We have been told that they are more fickle about brands.

Today’s youth have been bombarded with marketing messages since birth, they have learnt to filter out the loud messages and have learnt from their teachers and their parents to have opinions of their own and never merely believe what someone is claiming.

I can see it with my 2 adolescents, they change brands like the wind, they want to keep up with the latest brands in clothing, in technology, in design, they don’t have that same notion of heritage, an example, Apple which used to be the King in our house, is no longer. When my son recently changed his phone he didn’t even look at Apple (well he knew it wasn’t in his budget too), but he immediately knew which brand he wanted, he had done a lot of research (on-line and with his peers), he knew the technical capabilities, he liked the design etc…

But there is one area of exception, in what my kids eat… they love to have the same things when they come home from school, the biscuits and cereals they have had since they were small. They love eating in their favourite restaurants… so perhaps the way to their heart is through their stomachs?

Take a look at the Brand Love Curve below… where do you think your customers are on it? What could you do to move them up the curve, to form a lasting relationship with your brand, where they are craving for your products or services? The craving, or the love, may not truly last a lifetime, but as we all know it’s great while it lasts!

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