I saw this post on the other day, and really liked the way the designer had created her own style of personal brand differentiation.

There are so many students leaving school in a couple of months, who are perhaps going to set up as independent designers, or try to gain work in a company or agency. So, how do they stand out from the crowd?

BONJOUR Photo: courtesy of Mindsparklemag

This is what I liked about BONJOUR created by independent designer, Charlyne Urbania, who is still studying, but obviously thinking about setting up as an independent designer too.

This minimalist, somewhat curious, identity, requires the reader to play around with the different layers elements found inside the transparent pocket to find the name of the designer. This adds a design “ritual” which can be memorable.

The textured paper is also interesting, it communicates tactility and quality.


The business card, is also cryptic. You need to place it over the CV to find the name of the designer. It just says “Je suis” “I am” and the rest is not obvious.

BONJOUR Business card which decrypts the name on the promotion. Photo: courtesy of Mindsparklemag

This is the work of a designer specialised in web design, publishing, identity, typography and print, so those things matter in her presentation – and they work well.

The transparent envelope is a nice touch too. It protects and again adds a certain quality to the package upon arrival. It’s like a piece of packaging.

And finally, we have all of her contact details showing through the back of the pack.

A job well done I feel.



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