Why not draw your elevator pitch?


We are always trained to be able to give our elevator pitch in 30 seconds to 1 minute, practice perfect, in case at any given moment we meet that potential customer, partner…in a lift, bus, meeting… well, not all of us are good orators. So why not have another tool up your sleeve, the cartoon pitch? If asked in a lift or a public place or event, what you do… you can whip it out or draw it in front of them. Now that’s impressive, and fun, and can surely start an interesting conversation too?

According to Harvard Business Review, there are some powerful reasons why we should create cartoons…

We see five reasons that cartoons can convey ideas and start conversations better than traditional elevator pitches:

  1. “Cartoons force us to distill and prioritize our value proposition down to its simple essence – the real reason customers need what we’re offering.” cartoonpitchsimplicity
  2. Humor is disarming.  When people laugh, it’s a form of agreement and consensus, even if it’s just for a moment.
  3. Pictures evoke emotions almost instantaneously and can influence our behavior and decisions while words take a bit longer, literally.
  4. Our brains actually interpret images concurrently while text is processed linearly. This means we understand, remember and retains images (and their meaning) better than words.
  5. Cartoons are memorable.  Research has shown that the best remembered part of any message is the cartoon.  Studies have shown that humans process images 60,000 faster.” cartoonpitchtoy                                                   So, what are you waiting for, get drawing!

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