Can you teach creativity?

7-13_creativejamI see this question posed a lot on-line. Well you are reading a post from someone who has been teaching creative techniques and workshops for a number of years at école de Design Nantes Atlantique, Audencia Management School and more recently, Nimes University and ESC Business and Management School in Rennes, where they have a Creative Lab.

It seems that more and more schools are also embracing it as an Academic Discipline. So let’s take a look at some of those courses.

Firstly, there’s “Creative Studies” at Buffalo State College. which has an International Center for Creative Studies they offer Masters and under-graduate programmes and they have also developed and market a programme called “foursight” to other schools too which are techniques to make you “clarify, ideate, develop and implement”.

Then there’s the Creative Education Foundation which has a very clear and very long mission and vision it has an emphasis on teaching brainstorming techniques to young people and to educate the forthcoming generations to be more creative in their thinking. They also publish The Journal of Creative Behavior,(this link shows gives you access to a free copy) it’s a quarterly academic journal citing the most current research in creative thinking.

Then we have the Master of Arts in Creative Studies at the Union Institute and University which takes a much wider approach and explores major theories of the source, nature, and development of creativity from ancient Greece to the present. The creative person, the creative process, and the creative product with major contributions from the fields of philosophy, psychology, education, the arts, and religion.

It sounds like an interesting course studying ideas such as : Cultural context of all creativity, Evolving ways in which creativity has been understood throughout history, Gender and creativity, How creativity develops over a life span, Macro-creativity – how a culture creates, Relationship between madness and creativity (should be interesting!).

The City University London, takes a different approach to combine innovation, creativity and leadership.

It gives you the skills to turn ideas into action, namely: leadership skills to allow your organising to innovate and  how to tap into your organisation’s creative resources.

And then there’s a lot of consultants like me, who run courses and workshops to help people open up ideas, identity opportunities, have fun whilst working, use creative techniques and create innovative ideas and solutions.

I run a series of different workshops and can tailor-make courses and workshops to fit your disciplines or specialisms, whether you be a company or an educational establishment.

Recent workshops include, Creative Brainstretching, Brand Stretching, Luxury Visual Merchandising and Brand Experience, Brand Storytelling, Fast and Slow Fashion Futures 2025.

Find out about Créativité Consultants creative workshops and courses here.

And, incidentally, Creativity isn’t just about putting Post-Its on a wall!



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