“DesignIn” et “PresentIn” – deux choses different!

Blue Ring Before
Blue Ring before DesignIn – courtesy of EDNA
EDNA’s Re-positioning of Blue Ring by 3rd year students for Blue Ring (DesignIn)

Just got back from a participative workshop for DesignIn, an interesting, relatively new, initiative generated by le Conseil Regionale, Pays de la Loire to allow funding to companies wishing to develop new initiatives, products or services. Design being one of the major services funded by this initiative.

I had the pleasure to work with Elyssa Sfar of UBIK last year on the strategic brand positioning of Blue Ring, an innovative, circular, underwater dry dock Marina concept, which received substantial funding from DesignIn last year for its’ development.

There were some very interesting projects presented, including the re-design of passenger tables on trains to make them more user-friendly and adaptable to the needs of todays travellers: accommodation adapted to elderly people’s requirements. (No visuals shown, so no idea of the design content.) Modular and mobile crèche concepts, and ecological packaging for organic foods.

The most disappointing thing for me this morning was the totally un-inspirational Powerpoint presentations. Many showing no visuals of the “design” aspect, the most important thing in the project!  Too many words, many being read from the page, and the lack of dynamism and creativity in “selling” the new concepts to us, convincing us of the value of these projects in relation to the funding they obtained.

Perhaps another tranche of funding could be dedicated to assisting companies in presenting themselves in a more efficient, dynamic, creative and convincing manner.

Or they can always call Créativité on 06 67 45 28 88 !

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