“Incredibly edible Todmorden” A new sustainable way of living in the 21st century

I was watching France 24 this morning and they were reporting news of a town called Todmorden in the UK who have taken it upon themselves to go completely sustainable. Prince Charles will be visiting the town today as he was so impressed with what the local population have done collectively.

The whole town is taking part, including 4-year-old children who are growing vegetables… 10 year olds who are keeping the streets clean, mothers who are making jam from the huge amount of fresh fruit being grown (there was a glut of cherries, plums and currants this Summer, so they starting making Cassis and cordials.)

The idea is that on every green space available, vegetables or fruits are being grown to sustain the whole town. Not only that but chickens and animals are being reared organically to profit the local population too! Really impressive what one town can do if they join together.

This is what’s happening in their schools:

“Todmorden High School’s chef, Tony Mulgrew, has begun sourcing food locally for his 800 pupils. “Through Incredible Edible I have made some fantastic contacts with local farmers,” he says. “Now we have free-range chickens and eggs and rare breed pork on the menu, all coming within the normal school budget.”

Parents at the area’s six primaries have planted tubs and tyres with potatoes and carrots, and even the GPs at Todmorden’s new £6 million health centre insisted its landscaped grounds be turned over to fruit and veg.

Mrs Clear, 53, and local café owner Pam Warhurst, launched the scheme last year.

Mrs Warhurst, 57, said it made sense to forget flowers and grow food. “Given costs and concern about where produce is sourced – and it has all sorts of benefits: it’s healthier and reduces food miles. It also encourages a sense of community.”

At their first public meeting 60 people crammed into her café. “The buzz was phenomenal,” she said. “Incredible Edible Todmorden lets everyone just do what they want to do and not worry about the big picture,” said Mrs Warhurst. Courtesy of Daily Telegraph


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