Can you hear the painting?

Image courtesy of Microsoft. Oregon Project

I came across this video when I was compiling sound and video installations for my Audio Visual class this week around Sound Art. It’s really inspiring.

Landscape painter Keith Salmon dedicated his career to visualizing the mountains of Scotland. But a few years ago, his eyesight started to deteriorate, and he searched for ways of translating what he saw couldn’t see into another medium. He realized that his art could be expressed in new ways with the help of technology and sound.

Keith found the ideal partner in Microsoft working with Researcher Neel Joshi to build an interactive audio visual exhibit called Oregan – focusing on the canyons or Oregan, at the 9e2 festival of art and technology in Seattle.

On his journeys around the canyons, Keith Salmon captured the sounds of the different types of landscape and translated these into sound art. This art new type of art exhibition allowed individuals with visual impairment, as well as those with sight, to experience the canyons of Oregon. Learn more at… Find all the 5 videos I selected for my course on my YouTube channel here.

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