La Vie en Rose but is it Real Life…?

I really like the sound track to this Balenciaga Spring 22 runway show and also the way it’s staged but take a closer look…

On June 6, Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, unveiled his Spring 22 ready-to-wear collection, where only clothes and accessories were made, In Real Life, in a workshop. The rest, the models, the spectators and the catwalk are computer generated. They were never there. So far, nothing new, except that on closer inspection, something is wrong: the 44 people who walk the catwalk all have the same faces. That of the artist Eliza Douglas who appears regularly on Balenciaga runways.

“Some silhouettes of the fashion show are made by deepfake algorithms. For others, Eliza Douglas’s features, digitally scanned by photogrammetry, a measurement technique used to create photorealistic 3D models, for instance for video games, were grafted onto those of other fashion models.”

The soundtrack has been created by BFRND who has been the composer behind every Balenciaga show since fall 2017.

He began his career in the fashion world by collaborating with Andrew Eldritch, leader of The Sisters of Mercy. Born and raised in a small town of southern France, BFRND is a self-taught artist and a one-man band, now enjoying the peaceful countryside of Switzerland near the city of Zürich with his husband and two dogs. For the past two years, BFRND has also been working on his upcoming album “Afterlife”.

Sound and music design are becoming so important now. If you want your students to know more about this, I run workshops in this specialism. Check out this page and some resources are here

Image of BFRND From Dazed

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