Do you wanna know a secret? Do you wanna live young? Read on…


Evian’s brand DNA has always been focused on babies. Well in the USA not anymore!

Do you wanna know what they’ve done with them? They’ve replaced them with influencers. New York-based fashion influencer Luka Sabbat is joining the current Evian brand ambassadors Maria Sharapova and Madison Keys as part of this year’s campaign which uses bright colours, and a new brand voice to show off each ambassador’s different passions, talents and interests in a bid to better target millennial consumers.

But do Millennials all speak like this? Perhaps they do? Perhaps I am gettin’ old? What would you wanna do? be? How do you wanna live your life?

madison-fearless (1)

Its target audience for the campaign are “people who embrace this mindset are diverse and multi-dimensional; they refuse to be defined or settle for one path in life. They are the ones who say, “I Wanna” as in: I Wanna do what I Wanna, I Wanna try what I Wanna, I Wanna be what I Wanna. I Wanna #Liveyoung.

Evian U.S. I Wanna #Liveyoung with Maria Sharapova

Evian’s water, enriched with naturally occurring electrolytes is another key message in the campaign.  Wanna find out more? Watch the video, here.

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