Simple “chocolatey” creative exercise for creating a brand experience…

Develop a branded experience around this!

I have been reading How’s 30 days of Creative Exercises this morning, and I liked this one, as it takes a simple product, chocolate, and invites you to turn it into a brand experience… including packaging, store ambience, identity etc…

Why not have a go… I have tried it with my students with great success. They had to choose 3 products – wine, yoga positions, cheese, chocolate… and design a unique experience around it. They had great fun presenting them as roleplays.

Challenge: Design a store experience for a chocolatier that sells only three types of chocolate: dark, milk and white. As part of your process, make recommendations regarding the naming and packaging of your product within the store, as well as for how you’ll set up the space to convey an overall aesthetic. Can you take a pop-up store that only has three products and make it come alive?

Present your ideas by a role-play with quick and dirty mock-ups so that you can re-enact the rituals and experiences in front of your audience.

Take it Further: When you’ve completed your overall store concept, construct a physical prototype of your chocolate packaging system. What materials should you select to keep your chocolate fresh?

Well, before I get started, I think I need to eat some first, just to check the brand experience in the mouth!

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