Does your brand tell a unique story?


StoryIt’s becoming more important for brands to develop unique, interesting, engaging content to use on-line and off-line. Brand Storytelling has been around for a while, but it’s now being taken more seriously.

If you already have a brand, what are the stories you can tell your customers or stakeholders about it? Do you have a secret recipe? A special know-how? Interesting characters which you can develop stories around to sell your product ranges? A unique place which you sell your products or services from? Anecdotes from customers who have used your products? All of these aspects can make ideal Brand Storytelling moments.

Créativité’s new workshop uses techniques and unique exercises to allow you develop your unique brand voice, and your unique stories… then you can develop them on social networks, packaging, in-store, on your bags… anywhere where you feel a part of your story would be interesting reading…

The stories can then be developed on YouTube to create videos, can be visually developed, can be listened to on the radio… can bring a multi-sensory touch to your marketing communications.

Burberry recently commissioned an Anthropologist to develop the history of the brand. The Burberry book has now been written and is the basis for the brand’s unique storytelling ideas.


So, if you would like to create unique stories around your brand or your products and services get in touch? Take a look here for more info or get in touch with me today to find our more…

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