Ukamba. The “slow- walking” brand extension for Decathlon.

Every year, at the start of the school year, I am invited to go to Nimes University to work with their Master Students on the Design, Innovation and Society course. I love going down to the South. The atmosphere is so relaxed, it’s still very warm, and it’s a beautiful place to wander around in the evenings and on Sunday afternoon, when I usually arrive. 

The University Building itself is interesting as it used to be an old Psychiatric hospital. The students are not used to working in English, so it is a little difficult for them at the start of the week, but by the end of the week, their confidence has grown, and hopefully, their creativity. 

Nimes University. Hoche Site. Students enjoying the 34 degrees temperature outside. 

Every year I work around a different thematic. A few years ago I worked on Brand Stretching. A subject totally alien to the students who had never really understood the principles of brand strategy.  We worked on several projects during the week, Here is a document I put together to show you my methodology and the work undertaken – it focuses on 2 projects – one for Dior and one for Decathlon (see featured photo).

If you would like me to discuss a similar workshop for your students or employees, please get in touch.

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