Humanise your brand…but how? Develop a Brand called YOU!

IDEO’s Elle Luna recently explained at a talk at the Designer’s Fair in US how brands are increasingly seeking to gain customers and build loyalty by showing their human side. What does that mean for a brand? Luna went on to explain that “More and more, brands are gaining traction by embracing qualities like honesty, kindness, and simply having a sense of humor about themselves… Today, brands are becoming more and more like humans,” Luna said. “They’re taking on more and more human-like traits.”

Luna’s thinking is not new at all… I posted a while ago about the trend called RAK, Random Acts of Kindness, developed by (here’s the post where you can see some examples of “human brands”)

Consumers are getting closer and closer to their brands, via Social Networking Tools. They can talk to them in a more intimate way, therefore, they expect brands to be more human.

Myself and my colleague, Yvonne Fuchs, who formed The Branding Workshop in London, and the award-winning workshop “How to Develop a Brand Called YOU!” have been practicing just that, for many years.

The thing is, it’s not just about being human, but about seriously being in business too. The Branding Workshops has transformed businesses from one-man bands into brand-led businesses.

I will be delivering this workshop next week in Basse Goulaine, Nantes. It is targeted at Independents, Auto-Entrepreneurs and micro enterprises. Its basis is that to be a “personal brand” you have to really know yourself first. So we start by you, really getting YOU to know YOU!

“Thanks for the workshop…I didn’t know I would find out so much about myself”

Lydie Corbillé, Importer Consultant, Trade Shows, Nantes, France. “How to Develop a Brand Called You Workshop” June 2010

“..the workshop was great, so inspirational, it has really put me on track…”

Katrin Dierks-lecomte, Yoga Now! Nantes, France. 

“Thank you for your input today, it was thought-provoking and timely given the changes we are planning”

Linden Cole, French Homes.

So, we take a look at your PVC, personality, values and culture and transform your personal PVC into a branding perspective, a new brand experience. It’s very powerful!

If you want to know more visit 

I look forward to getting to know YOU!


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